Networking Field Day #NFD9

NFD-Logo-400x398Im looking forward to the next Networking Field Day that is starting next week. Stephen Forskett @SFoskett and the crew from Gestalt IT has thrown thogheter an imopressiv lineup. I really like the concept of the Tech Field Day events. The vendors that are brave enough to present their newest state of the art technology in front of the delegates can show up here, and you will always find direct compeditors in the linup like Cisco and Brocade or SolarWinds and NetBeez. The delegates are well known experts in the networking space from all the different corners of the technology and world. If one of the vendors has a hot technology these guys will ask the right questions and if the technology is not so impressive the delegates will give the vendors a hard time. Also part of concept is that they will listen to all the different vendor presantations in the short time of 3 days. That makes it easy to compare the different presentation with each other. Besides the interesting presentations that will be public available over the youtube channel from the tech field day event it is always a pleasure to read all the different blog posts and opinions that the delegates publish on their blogs. I wished sometimes all the delegates would come to my office for the next vendor presentation and be part of the Q&A session, that would be very helpfull.

On the Networking Field Day 9 we will see Brocade, Cisco, cloudgenix, cumulus, NEC, NetBeez, Pluribus Networks, Solarwinds and velocloud. That sounds like a quite excellent linup for me, looking forward to see what the vendors will show us.

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