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nbsp-thumbnail-300x144Together with Michael McNamara I started a podcast project called the Network Broadcast Storm. We will discuss in the show a variety of topics from the sysadmin daily life and what ever sounds interesting to us. The Motto for the show is “Where it´s always the networks fault!” We are targeting 30 minutes in length for each show and try to record in a bi-weekly format. The original idea came up 4 years ago in the network infrastructure forum that was crafted by Mike.  We had already recorded a test show and set up the website as the real life crossed our plans for the podcast project. On Networking Field Day 11 I had the chance to meetup with Mike in Silicon Valley and we decided together to give the Project a relaunch. The show will be mostly in a roundtable discussion style. A bunch of engineers discussing or occasional ranting about their daily work life and news from the networking industry.

I would like to thanks here my friend Torsten for composing the Intro and Outro for the Podcast toghter with me. Hopefully you like the sound , too. If you like to get in contact send us a message to or via Twitter @tnbspodcast We would love to hear your feedback.

Enjoy the podcast

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