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The Soundtrack of Networking

If you are on a long roadtrip to the next Datacenter to fix some networking problems you need the right soundtrack. The Soundtrack Networking: Number 1: My favorite Net Thing, the maximum amount of possible network acronyms in one song.     … Continue reading

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Firepower Management Center 4k SW 6.1 10Gig Interface Problem

I am facing a strange problem with the Firepower management center 4000 (FMC) that was formaly known as Firesight Management Center. Cisco recently release SW code 6.1 for the FMC. With SW 6.1 the 10 Gig interface have become avaialble. … Continue reading

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Avaya ATF Updates

sadly I couldn´t join the Avaya ATF Europe event this year that was taking place in Dublin 10th to 13th of May 2016. Thanks to the networking infrastructure forum member OfWolfAndMan who provided me the presentations of the ATF event. … Continue reading

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Next Generation of PortMonitoring using SDN by Big Switch Networks Big Monitoring Fabric

I was really fascinated by the BigSwitch Networks Presentation from Rob Sherwood at NetworkFieldDay11 . It was fantastic in many different ways. First Rob is a great presenter that can show even very complex content in an easy to understand … Continue reading

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Network Broadcast Storm Podcast

Together with Michael McNamara I started a podcast project called the Network Broadcast Storm. We will discuss in the show a variety of topics from the sysadmin daily life and what ever sounds interesting to us. The Motto for the … Continue reading

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FastDeployment vs Planing

I am struggling a lot of times to find the right balance between Planing and FastDeployment. In IT you often have very ambitious projects that have to be finished ASAP.  I can not recall how many times I have heard … Continue reading

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Transformation from ASA to the NGFW unified FirePower at #CLEUR

Cisco has introduced at the Cisco Live the new FirePOWER 4100 device Family. besides a new Hardware Platform the really interesting development is going on the backround.  First a short brief of the new 4100 appliances, they come out in … Continue reading

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Cisco Smart Building IoT Discussion and Digital Ceiling Strategy

At NFD11 Cisco has presented their vision of modern buildings and how IoT could change the way LED lightning inside of office buildings is designed today. Basically modern LED lights consume less power as that what we can deliver with … Continue reading

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