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Multichassis Link Aggregation in a SPB Fabric

A decade ago Nortel introduced with the SMLT technology the first Multichassis Link Aggregation Technology. Today most of the major Vendors have a multichassis link aggregation technology in their portfolio like VSS / VPC from Cisco or IRF from HP. … Continue reading

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Connectivity Fault Management for SPBM

IEEE 802.1ag CFM or Connectivity Fault Management is very popular in the provider space to troubleshoot MPLS networks. Avaya has implemented CFM for all their switches that runs SPBM. We are facing here the same problem that we have in … Continue reading

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SPB Basic configuration with Avaya switches

I was really impressed as I started my first SPB configuration on an Avaya switch, I had a 200 lines MPLS like configuration in mind and was surprised that you do not need a lot of commands to setup SPB. … Continue reading

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SPB an Overview

This will be the first blogpost of a series of posts about SPB. We start with an general overview. At the moment there are big changes in the network industry. After using protocols like spanning tree for over a decade … Continue reading

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DHCP Relay Problem with Avaya ERS5000 SW 6.3

I recently stumbled upon a problem with the Avaya ERS5000 switches. The problem was quiet odd , so I would like to share my expierence and hopefully help somone with troubleshooting this problem. On a given network where a ERS5000 … Continue reading

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How to Upgrade an Avaya VSP4000

Here is a short overview how to upgrade a VSP4000. The procedure is the same for the VSP8000. First you have to Uplooad the needed files, wich I do here via USB: copy /usb/VSP4K. /intflash/VSP4K. copy /usb/VSP4K. /intflash/VSP4K. When you … Continue reading

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