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Keeper a Zero trust Passwordmanager

On Security Field Day 7 #XFD7 I saw a presentation from Craig Lurey CTO & Co-founder of Keeper security. I would like to focus here on one aspect that seems to me the most important factor in selecting a Passwordmanager … Continue reading

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Why a change of mindset in the IoT space is needed

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Policy Enforcement an End to End Game #CLEUR #TFDx

At Cisco Live EUROPE 2019 Victor Moreno and Mike Herbert presented Cisco´s Application End to End Policy strategy. Often Policy enforment is just a check box features that is added to a product. To integrate the capability for one product … Continue reading

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How to fit an Elephant into a small car to transport it over the Networkautobahn #NFD17

On Networking Field Day 17 VeloCloud by VMWARE presented at the VMWARE HQ. After the aquisition of VMWARE the VeloCloud Team put together an interesting overview on their SD-WAN solution and the features and capabilities it has. I will focus … Continue reading

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NFD18 and Tech Field Day Extra Cisco Live Europe 2018

This year will start for me with two amazing events, will attend as a delegate the Networking Field Day 18 and Tech Field Extra at Cisco Live Europe 2018 event. So watch out for the event tags #NFD17 and #CLEUR18. … Continue reading

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The Soundtrack of Networking

If you are on a long roadtrip to the next Datacenter to fix some networking problems you need the right soundtrack. The Soundtrack Networking: Number 1: My favorite Net Thing, the maximum amount of possible network acronyms in one song.     … Continue reading

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Firepower Management Center 4k SW 6.1 10Gig Interface Problem

I am facing a strange problem with the Firepower management center 4000 (FMC) that was formaly known as Firesight Management Center. Cisco recently release SW code 6.1 for the FMC. With SW 6.1 the 10 Gig interface have become avaialble. … Continue reading

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Avaya ATF Updates

sadly I couldn´t join the Avaya ATF Europe event this year that was taking place in Dublin 10th to 13th of May 2016. Thanks to the networking infrastructure forum member OfWolfAndMan who provided me the presentations of the ATF event. … Continue reading

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