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netscoutThe Business Unit inside of NETSCOUT that many of you know as Fluke networks has shown at the NFD11 their new TruView product. It is a monitoring and network measurement as a service offering.
The components of TruView are measurement endpoints and a cloud based management and analytics platform. The endpoints can be deployed as software package or hardware device. The TruView Pulse 1000 comes in a small form factor that is PoE powered. The Endpoints have to establish a connection to the Cloud based management to get registered. It was quiet impressive how easy the deployment of these measurement endpoints is. Pulse1000NetScout has put in serious thoughts to keep the complete process as simple as possible to get results fast and easy. After an endpoint is registered you get immediately results of the performance tests. The cloud based Pure View server presents the results of the performance test.

Network Autobahn View
To have constant data from all your locations that are based on real data like emulated VoIP calls is pretty need. The biggest value for me is that you have a base line and can compare that to the current data.
Instead of shipping expensive measurement equipment that is complex to configure to a remote location, than make one test session and ship everything back. NetScout offers with TruView a compelling model with many small measurement endpoints, that can stay in the remote locations and gives constant data output. At the moment all the data will be in the cloud. I would like to see a server version of TruView so that it can be hosted in your own data center and all the measurement data would stay in your own control.

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