Happy New Year in IT

2016When the year is ending and everybody is thinking about XMAS in a lot of  IT departments  it starts to get hectic. There is some IT budget left and it has to be spended before the year is ending. I have seen this in many businesses and it is especially true for government organisations. So like at home where I have to assemble some Lego Toys for my children on XMAS there are delivered a lot of large packages at the office that have to be unboxed and rolled out into production before the year is ending. So not for all IT folks the end of the year is as relaxed as it should be. On the first weeks of the new Year I had often to do a lot of clean up work to get everything right for that was no time during the installation like monitoring and documentation.

Hopefully you all have finished your 2015 projects in time and stayed at home with your family at XMAS instead of being busy in the office.

Happy New Year 2016.



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2 Responses to Happy New Year in IT

  1. Rolf says:

    Hi Dominik,
    Happy new year! What you where writing sounds so familiar to me. People are going crazy right before the end of the year. They want to have all the projects they didn’t release for more than month, but they have to be ready within weeks, or bevore Xmas. Well, so it’s not only me, having this feeling, at least…
    Best regards and Hope to hear, read you and maybe meet again in 2016.

  2. Dominik says:

    Hi Rolf,
    it looks like we have all to fight the same problems.
    Hopefully you have managed to finish all your projects in time.
    Looking forward to hear from you again.


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