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ERS8000EoSAvaya has recently published an end of sales notice for the ERS8000 product line. The ERS8000 was introduced as Passport 8000 in the year 2000. The product is now for nearly 16 years available. I have configured a lot of new technologys the first time on the Passport/ERS8k. For me the 2 most amazing features that have been introduced on this platform the first time was SMLT and SPBm. The SMLT SwitchCluster features wich was introduced in 2001 was the first Multi Chassis Link Aggregation technology. SMLT was in 2001 a real cutting edge technology that was ahaed of most of the compeditors. For example Cisco introduced with VSS their Multi Chassis Link Aggregation technology in 2008 wich is for IT standards ages later. 10 years later the second next generation technology SPBm was introduced. In 2011 the first SPBm pre standard implemenation was showing up on the ERS8800 platform.

So it is time to say goodbye to the Passport/ERS8000. At the end of the day the complete industry is shifting to Linux based switching OS and the old monolithic OS based switches are fading away.

Some of the ERS8k developpers from Avaya have created a Goodbye ODE , wich I have seen recently on a Avaya presenation:

“When we first turned you on SMLT was quiet new
We had some tough times but we made it through
Alone in the rack looking naked and small
Before we knew it ERS modules populated all
Bandwith demands came quick and came swift
When we gave you E modules you just wouldn´t quit
Who would of thought 10Gig to come fast
Your poor little E modules just wouldn´t last
When R modules came so did netflow
You got super mezz cards but had problems below
Slot 10 was tired and couldn´t keep up
So your body was replaced and you were brand new pup
they lauded and loved you and gave you a new name
8800 they said but you were still the same
Ten days before retirement a power supply quit
We knew at the time we had to be quick
After the more than a decade you served us well
Oh the good times we had and stories we tell
Your out of commision but you still stand tall
Your performance and relaibilitywill be remebered by all”

Here is the Link to the EoS Notice:

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