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SPB an Overview

This will be the first blogpost of a series of posts about SPB. We start with an general overview. At the moment there are big changes in the network industry. After using protocols like spanning tree for over a decade … Continue reading

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DHCP Relay Problem with Avaya ERS5000 SW 6.3

I recently stumbled upon a problem with the Avaya ERS5000 switches. The problem was quiet odd , so I would like to share my expierence and hopefully help somone with troubleshooting this problem. On a given network where a ERS5000 … Continue reading

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How to Upgrade an Avaya VSP4000

Here is a short overview how to upgrade a VSP4000. The procedure is the same for the VSP8000. First you have to Uplooad the needed files, wich I do here via USB: copy /usb/VSP4K. /intflash/VSP4K. copy /usb/VSP4K. /intflash/VSP4K. When you … Continue reading

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