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silverpeakSilverpeak has shown their Unity EdgeConnect SDWAN solution. Silverpeak has done WAN optimization for many years and has leveraged from that for their SDWAN products.
Silverpeak has several different Hardware Platforms that all have the same feature set from a software prospective.
The devices can handle multiple WAN connections and traffic types. You have seemless failover between WAN links and active-active loadbalancing across all these links as well. All the WAN links will use an encrypted tunnel for the outgoing traffic. The connected endpoints can be centrelized managed with a controller with a nice looking UI.

Network Autobahn View
The Silverpeak SDWAN solution has looked well put toghter. I was impressed by the Silver Peak CEO David Hughes. Hughes has shown a very deep technical understanding of the product. It looks like as if all the expierence that Silverpeak has in the WAN optimization space has been put into the SDWAN product from the beginning. Many problems that we had in the WAN space are finally solved. To buy a SDWAN product today will pay off very quickly when you compare the ISP costs of a privte MPLS that you can safe.

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